About Us


Growing up in Amish country I was fortunate to be surrounded by truly gifted gardeners. Masters of the earths soil.  With this early introduction to gardening and Horticulture training I have found myself sharing my love for flowers with my niece Brianna. We are the growers duo, together we save seeds - nurture our soil and tend to glorious blooms of heirloom flowers. 

My name is Heidi and after all these years I am still inspired everyday by natures beauty and the cultivation of flowers. I believe in locally grown and locally sourced in support of our community. It is the greatest gift to share a fresh bouquet of our Naturally Grown Flowers.



We specialize in old fashion fresh from the garden bouquets - a true farm to table style. You can purchase our flowers during our growing season at the Tallahassee Farmers Market and Bannerman Market. www.tallahasseefarmersmarket.com



We grow our heirloom varieties naturally with lots of compost and natural fertilizers. Most of which have adapted well to our hot and humid local growing zone 8b. These include dahlias, big and bold zinnias, sunflowers and flowering vines. We take great care in harvesting our blooms. The evening prior to harvest they receive a good dose of compost tea watering allowing the stems to drink until full. Early morning hours the stems are cut and aloud to rest for maximum vase life. Most of our bouquets last 7-10 days. 



Heidi is available for private workshops and pop-up shops. Popular topics include growing in raised beds, arranging from the garden, succulent centerpieces and holiday buckets and wreaths. 

We also offer a Flower Favor table for special events. 

Please see workshops and events for more information.